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Electric scissor jack

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1. Product introduction

Jack is a simple lifting equipment with a small lifting height (less than 1m). It is divided into two types: mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks. Scissor jacks are also called bracket jacks. They are light and fast. They have different principles for onboard products in major domestic automobile factories.

2. Product types and uses

1. There are two types of mechanical jacks: rack type and screw type. Due to their small lifting weight and laborious operation, they are generally only used for mechanical maintenance work and are not suitable for bridge repair.

 2. The hydraulic jack has compact structure, stable operation and self-locking function, so it is widely used. The disadvantage is that the lifting height is limited and the lifting speed is slow. Jacks are mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments as vehicle repair and other lifting and supporting work. Its structure is light, firm, flexible and reliable, and can be carried and operated by one person. As a tool with a wide range of use, the jack is cast with materials to ensure the quality and service life of the jack. Among them, the electric scissor jack is also called the electric car jack, which is a special lifting equipment for cars. It is light and beautiful, easy to carry, especially suitable for ladies and the elderly.

3. How to use the product

1. Insert the plug directly into the socket of the car cigarette lighter to draw out the power.

2. Put the electric jack on the chassis support and press the "∧" up button to lift the car easily.

3. Use an electric wrench or a telescopic wrench to loosen the rim screws diagonally. 

4. Loosen the tire screws one by one, remove the tire, replace the spare tire, and tighten the nuts. Four, product characteristics 

1. Core technology with independent intellectual property rights. 

2. The gear is made of selected materials and undergoes high-frequency heat treatment to increase the service life of the machine. 3. The "Cushion" of the electric jack uses high-strength composite material (material of bulletproof glass), which is tough and non-slip, and can protect the car chassis paint from damage 

4. The main structure of the electric jack adopts an optimized and firm design of stiffeners, thereby increasing the strength of the structure, greatly improving the pressure resistance of the product, and ensuring that the product is stable and will not be deformed under heavy load. 

5. With lifting stroke protection function: when the electric jack is in use, it will automatically stop when the lifting stroke reaches or point. 

6. The matching teeth of the electric jack adopt a double-layer reinforced structure to improve the bearing capacity of the jack.

 7. The bottom plate of the electric jack is ultra-thick, and the optimized firm design of reinforcing ribs is adopted to make the jack rise and fall smoothly without deformation. 

8. Night lighting function: using super bright LED light design, it is more convenient to operate in dark places and night. 

9. Emergency hand crank function: When there is no power supply after the car is lifted by the electric jack, the car can be lowered by hand to take out the jack. 

10. The product has passed GS and CE certification standards, and its carrying weight reaches: dynamic 1: 1.25 tons, static 1: 1.5 tons. 

11. The product is beautiful in design, easy to use, and easy to carry with the car.




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