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The electric jack market will usher in spring

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  In production practice, we often encounter heavy objects such as machine tools and heavy boxes that are moved or lifted without lifting equipment. It is very difficult to rely on manual operation. This requires the use of jacks to help us. Jacks are closely related to our lives and are widely used in construction, transportation, automobile maintenance, aircraft maintenance and other fields. Therefore, the development of electric jacks will directly or indirectly affect the normal operation and work of these departments. At present, there are many types of jacks in the market, such as construction hydraulic jacks, automobile jacks and other jacks. Car jacks are the main lifting tool indispensable for car maintenance and repair. With the development of my country's national economy and automobile industry, the output of small cars is increasing year by year, and cars generally entering the family life of ordinary people will become the trend of social development. The demand for jacks is increasing day by day. Therefore, for the further research of jack technology, it is particularly important to produce products with beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, and convenient to use.

  Jack technology in our country started late. Due to historical reasons, it was not until 1979 that products similar to foreign horizontal jacks were encountered. After years of design and manufacturing practice, my country has also developed a variety of jacks, such as new type of folding hydraulic jacks other than horizontal jacks. At present, my country's jacks have reached categories and specifications, forming a series of products. According to the different power devices, it can be divided into electric jacks, manual jacks and electric and manual dual-purpose jacks. The manual jack is simple to manufacture and low in price. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive and inconvenient to use because it must be operated continuously by hand to lift the sleeve or raise the arm. The electric jack relatively improves the work efficiency and avoids heavy physical labor. It is a driver for the driver. Create a convenient, efficient and labor-saving environment and conditions for car repair, so now users mostly use remote control electric jacks.

  Electric jack is a kind of light and small lifting equipment that uses electric cylinder lifting piece as working device and push rod + jacking ball head as lifting device. Fang Yuanming electric jack is mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments as vehicle repair and other lifting and supporting work. Its structure is light and strong, flexible and reliable, and can be carried and operated by one person. The new generation of electric jacks independently developed and produced by our company are mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other fields as lifting and supporting equipment for vehicles, airplanes and other transportation tools. It adopts pure electric drive, which is safer and more reliable than hydraulic jack.

  The traditional hydraulic jack that is often heard is a jack that uses a liquid sealed in a cylinder as a medium and converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to lift heavy objects upward. It is simple in structure, small in size, light in weight, large in lifting force, and easy to repair, but at the same time, it requires high manufacturing precision. If leakage occurs, it will cause the drop of the lifted car, reduce the insurance coefficient, and use it to lift the vulnerable parts and Local restrictions, so the efficiency is lower.

  With the rapid development of my country's automobile industry, the requirements for car-mounted jacks are becoming higher and higher. With the intensification of market competition and the continuous changes in market customer requirements, the design quality of the jacks will be continuously improved to meet customer needs. , The automated jacks that are more and more in line with the public’s aesthetics will further increase the use value of products and the economic benefits of enterprises and society to a large extent. How to make full use of various favorable factors in the era of knowledge economy and effective integration of resources is a future issue. The problem.

  The E-HEELP electric jack adopts electric actuation technology with electric cylinder as the core, which guarantees more reliability and safety. The electric actuation system replaces the traditional hydraulic system, eliminating hydraulic pumps, hoses and hydraulic valves and other components. It's pure electric work. It has the characteristics of fast, safe, convenient and efficient, which can greatly improve the efficiency of maintenance operations. It adopts the actuating equipment of our company's independent intellectual property rights. It is protected by national patents. The product has served the military for many years. It has the reputation of "military products at a price of civilian products". Compared with traditional products on the market, our products: It is safer, more affordable, and more worry-free in maintenance. It is a product that truly serves the public. With the continuous changes in market demand, more and more people need time-saving and labor-saving electric operation, and electric jacks will usher in their own spring.




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