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jack use

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Please pay special attention to the following position which may nip your finger.(FIGI)


If the electric jack can not work after the car be lifted .you can insert the hand crank into the cover into the cover of gear box to lower the electric jack (FIG2)


1) Advantages

The machine is with the fashion and beautiful design, and adopts the advanced electric machinery technology. It is low noise, quick speeding, stable lifting per­formance and so on.

Considering the safety, the machine designs self-locking power structure and Emergency cranking function

That is to say: when the power has been disconnected, the lifted jack will not fall, only re-connecting the power, the jack will go on working, or using the hand wrench to fall the car, which will protect the operator's personal safety effectively.

The machine is widely used for Family Car, Go-anywhere Vehicle, Multi- Purpose Vehicle.

2) Operation Instructions

Warning :please follow the OPERATION MANUAL strictly.

1.    When changing tire in an emergency case, warning light up, please park the car on a firm, rigid and flat ground (no more than 6 degrees), pull the brakes, stabilize the tires with tire pads or other anti-skid materials, to make sure the vehicle has been locked safely.

2.    The electric lifting jack is connected to the 12V power supply by two ways:

(1) Connected by the cigarette lighter: The lighter plug cable into the car cigarette lighter, the other end of the electric jack into the socket on the control handle. (Note: the cigarette lighter fuse rated current of not less than 12A).

(2) (Recommended) Connected by Vehicle battery directly: When fuse current is less than the fuse within the cigarette lighter. 12A, the lighter plug cord into the cigarette lighter socket with one end of the battery clip, and the clip sandwiching battery red "+" on the (positive) black clip and battery (negative electrode) is connected, and then the other end into the cigarette lighter plug socket on the electric lifting jack control handle. (At this time, the engine of the vehicle should be in working condition)

3.    The saddle of the electric car jack should be placed against the right bottom of the car.

4.    Press" A "on the switchboard and confirm that the saddle is connected with the right bottom position of the car press" A "continuously till the car is jacked to and ideal height. (FIG3)

5.    Press" v"on the switchboard to lower the car completely after preparing .

6.    Press" v"on the switchboard to adjust the position of the electric car jack when the saddle is not toughed on the right bottom position of the car.

7.Of course the electric car jack you bought also is equipped with wireless

remote control function, you also could select the wireless remote control to operate the rising and descending tasks (the distance within 10m)! (FIG4)                         、

8.Counter-clockwise turning will lower the jack easily . when no power supply.





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