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  • 2021-06-10

    How to use car jack

    Analysis of the five key points of the electro-hydraulic jack: The electro-hydraulic jack must be used on a hard and flat road. If it is a relatively soft ground, such as a dirt road or a sandy road, it is recommended to use a wooden board or a stone slab to pad under the jack before using the jack.

  • 2021-06-04

    The electric jack market will usher in spring

    In production practice, we often encounter heavy objects such as machine tools and heavy boxes that are moved or lifted without lifting equipment. It is very difficult to rely on manual operation. This requires the use of jacks to help us. Jacks are closely related to our lives and are widely used

  • 2021-05-26

    Beware! Putting the jack on like this hurts the car

    replaced the spare tire, nor have they read carefully the introduction of the jack usage and support points in the vehicle manual. Everyone should pay attention that the wrong position of the jack will cause damage to the chassis. It is also an incorrect operation to support the jack on the suspende

  • 2021-05-18

    6 small details of the safe use and operation of electro-hydraulic jacks

    1. When the jack is in use, the bottom should be flat and the cushion should be firm. It is best to use a wooden board without oil to expand the pressure bearing area and ensure safety. Can not use iron plate instead of wood board to prevent sliding. 2. It is required to be stable during lifting. Af

  • 2021-05-11

    How do electric cars use jacks?

    Cars should strictly abide by the provisions in the main parameters when using the car, and avoid super high and overload, otherwise, when the lifting height or the lifting tonnage exceeds the regulations, serious oil leakage will occur at the top of the cylinder. 1. The support bar on the jack arm

  • 2021-05-08

    Points to note when using jacks

    Vehicles often use jacks during self-maintenance, such as changing tires. There are several points to consider when using jacks. 1. Use location. In order to ensure the safe use of jacks, they generally have a fixed position. Jacks cannot be used to support bumpers, beams and other parts. 2. Timin

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